Welcome to Woodbrook Farm

The Home Of Woodbrook Free Range Geese

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Woodbrook Free Range Geese.

The O’Regans have been farming in Ballyviniter for several generations. Currently Tony and Margaret along with their family Niall, Elaine and Kate produce milk which is supplied to Dairygold Co-op, and for the past 26 years are producing free range geese.

The Goose business started with just a handful for local customers at Christmas and has grown to a stage where  now they are supplying customers all over Ireland. Under their own Woodbrook brand these geese can be bought at several top class butchers shops from Dublin on the East Coast to Galway on the West and as far north as Enniskillen in County Fermanagh.

Woodbrook Free Range Geese are grazed on lush pastures during the summer and processed on farm in the traditional manner. They are dry plucked and hung in temperature controlled conditions  for maturity.

The Geese reared here are specially bred from intensive research combined with exacting demands for health so that you can be assured that Woodbrook Free Range Geese are the best you can buy

The month of January is the quietest time on Woodbrook Farm. The geese have been sold and the cows have not yet calved. This is a time for the pasture lands to rest and prepare for the new farming season. In February and March the new calves arrive followed by the new goslings in April and May. Throughout the late Spring, Summer and Autumn all graze happily in the lush green fields of North Cork.